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Multinail’s software programs have been developed completely in-house since 1980. Our software began as engineering programs for estimating and detailing; however over the following years the focus changed to incorporate the production of prefabricated trusses from builder’s plans to the manufacturing plant through to the finished product. This has allowed Multinail to develop completely unique software programs that combine to form an exceptionally strong package from estimating and detailing and production management through to controlling automated machinery.

The development of these programs has been done without reliance on third party software. Our in-house control of our software’s development has helped Multinail ensure the installation, training, use and development of each program is easy, efficient and responsive.

Through our close customer relationships, Multinail has ensured that at each stage of development all components in our software operate efficiently and effectively in the field and are responsive to industry changes and demands. At all times Multinail has recognised the needs of the wider industry, with our detailing programs able to export to third party packages including automated saws, estimating and takeoff packages.

In the software section of the Multinail website you can discover the benefits that Multinail's newest software platform - The cornerstone project - provides in terms of Roof Truss Design, Wall Frame Design and Floor Truss Design.

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